These little evergreen bushes and trees are another example of how good things may come in small packages. These fantastic miniature evergreens provide year-round appeal to any room, no matter how small or large, and come in various sizes, shapes, and foliage colors. You can choose one that is ideal for your yard.

This little low-maintenance evergreen should be planted in full sun. When it’s young, give it frequent watering; after it’s established, give it a good bath during dry spells. It can endure most soil types, air pollution, and even partial shade. In the spring, see how fresh vegetation appears in a vivid blue-green.

Your assortment of little evergreen bushes would benefit from a splash of red and gold. This little evergreen changes with the seasons: Bright gold new growth emerges in the spring, followed by deep crimson tips in the fall. This perfectly round object looks good in a hedgerow, shines on its own in a container, or fits well in a rock garden. It may be grown in either full or part shade. Also, could you try these lovely drought-tolerant plants in your garden?

Create a curtain, fountain, or carpet of blue-green leaves out of this malleable beauty to match your location and landscape plan. Train the main stem and trim the tree to make a unique focal point. Grow this jewel in an area protected from high winds, in full sun or light shade, with moist, well-draining soil.

Bright Gold’s golden needles will bring light to your springtime environment. Grow it in full sun with some afternoon shade for the most fabulous color. As the season wears on, hands finally turn a vivid green color. It may survive in cities but requires wet, porous soil and protection from chilly winter winds.

The tiny, supple needles of this pine have a blue tint. Nevertheless, you’ll need to exercise patience because birds won’t discover cones until the plants begin to grow. This beauty tolerates some shade but does best on ordinary, well-draining soil and whole light. Grow these tiny evergreen bushes in acidic soils and free of pollutants for optimal results.