Your body will sometimes warn you when you awaken that it needs to go green. Yes, even this vegan lady on plant-based diet experiences this. You’ll need to eat this chopped green garden salad to satisfy your appetite. Let me tell you, it is incredibly fresh and filling. It contains the healthiest green vegetables, pepita seeds, apples, green avocados, and lime dressing.

My preferred type of salad is a chopped salad because the pieces are barely bite-sized enough to fit on a fork, allowing you to savor every flavor in a delicious bite. This chopped green salad gives you a small amount of spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, broccoli, peas, green apple, and pepita seeds. That much crunch is a lot!


In keeping with the overall theme of the salad, the avocado lime dressing is also green, creamy, and tangy, making it the ideal complement to such an adventurous assortment of vegetables. The lime’s acidity perfectly balances the green apple’s sweet-tart flavor. It would be best if you specifically had those qualities for the veggies’ more nuanced flavors. I included the broccoli stems for additional vitamins and antioxidants, making them healthier.

It won’t wilt if you prepare it ahead of time and eat it later because all of the ingredients are pretty hearty. You can even save the dressing for the following day if you wait to put it on until you’re ready to eat. This salad is ideal for packing in a mason jar and bringing it to work.


Serve it with whole warm whole grain if you like a big, healthy dinner salad. You won’t need anything else.

If you have salad leftovers without dressing, here is another suggestion. Combine it with blueberries and pineapple in a morning smoothie. Although it may seem strange, I assure you that it tastes fantastic.