grass field sunset


I salute the people behind this website. Admit it, it is not easy to make a change especially if you are alone. But they make it as if it is no trouble. They give high importance to everything you do for the environment even if there are others who see such activity as negligible. As such, this is the reason why I strive harder. I want to be an example to the community so even in just my own way, I strive to encourage them so that we can make a change. So far, we already launched this activity wherein we regularly collect plastic bottles which in return, we convert into many different items that we sell again. The proceeds of these are used to fund all other activities we have which are all related to environmental conservation.


This website is very inspirational. This is what encouraged me in the first place to start early with environmental conservation at home. We do not anymore use aerosols and other variety of sprays that can contribute to the greenhouse gasses that continuously damage the ozone layer. We started having our own vegetable garden as well in our backyard which helps create a more beautiful picture of our property. Honestly, it was not easy at first, but with the help of Green Friday, we are able to do it. They gave us so many tips that were able to help us along the way. They even featured our work to one of their articles which is a real moral boost from us. Truly, this website is a good reference material where you can learn a lot.


Kudos to Green Friday for doing this for our environment. This is not easy but through there religious effort, they managed to make it work. That is why they really serve as an inspiration.