nature protection volunteers sitting

Green Friday is not a formal organization. Some of the members here are people we did not even have a chance of meeting yet. All of us just met in a forum and decided to create this website to be of assistance to those people who are looking for ways to preserve the environment. We want to tell the world that we care – that we recognize that something is indeed wrong if we are trying to remedy this. We want to start a course of action that will be an example to others to follow. Although one individual can already make a change, let us neglect the fact that more heads are still better than one. It is for this reason that we highly encourage others to stand with us.

We started pursuing our advocacy back in 2013. Back then we are only three in this group. But as we join more and more forums for environmental protection, we are able to encourage more people to join us. Now, we are proud to say that we are already above 40 in number and we are still growing. Many are still showing interest in joining us to make a better change in the world. With this, we can tell you that we cannot anymore be any luckier. We just hope that there will be more people who are going to be like us in this fight against environmental degradations. We would like to remind everyone that we only have one Mother Earth and it is about time for us to preserve it if we still want our children and their children to experience the beauty we are having now.

Let us stand us one. Follow Green Friday today for more information and to participate in our regular Friday activities. We love to have you around.