When it comes to motorcycles, there are some riders who are concerned about their look, style, and how they ride. This is why there are aftermarket parts available that can help your motorcycle perform better. MV Agusta is one of the best places for getting any sort of motorcycle equipment.  Below are the top 10 Motorcycle gadgets that you must have for your bike.

Saddle bags

This is one of the most important accessories to get because every rider has a need for storage space on his/her motorcycle. A good saddlebag will usually fit in between the backrests on your seat, so you can store small items such as spare gloves or maybe even an extra helmet. They come in various shapes sizes, so finding one should not be too difficult, especially if you own a cruiser type of motorcycle which has ample room behind the seat to accommodate storage space.

Battery Tender

Having a dead battery is the last thing you want, especially when your motorcycle is parked in an open parking lot or street where thieves may steal it. The best way to avoid this situation is by investing in either a d tender which keeps your battery fully charged even if it has been idle for quite some time.

Auxiliary lights

Following traffic rules will always help, but sometimes, no matter how much we try, we always end up behind a car that would rather brake and wait for the traffic to ease before moving. Motorcycle riders who wish to ride faster on the road can invest in auxiliary lights such as strobe or LED lights which would help them be visible from far off, ensuring that following drivers do not cut into their path.

Tire pressure gauge

Maintaining correct tire pressure is one of motorcycle riders’ best-kept secrets because more than half of them don’t even bother checking tire pressure before they set out for a ride. This can be dangerous because having either too much or too little air will cause uneven wear and tear on your tires, which means you’ll need to change your tires earlier than usual, and who would want to change their tires often, right? It is easy to keep track of your tire pressure because there are different gauges available for this gadget.

GPS system

Having a map or even Google maps on your phone can help you get around but having an actual GPS unit installed in your motorcycle will make things easier, especially if you travel alone with no one to guide you. They are now being offered as plug-and-play units, so they are extremely easy to install and use, which means you put them over where the current radio is installed, and it will display any destination information that you program into it.

Bluetooth intercoms

If there’s anything worse than not being able to hear what someone is saying while traveling on a motorcycle, it’s not being able to communicate with other riders that you’re traveling with. This is why having Bluetooth-enabled intercoms installed in your helmet and motorcycle will make it much easier, especially if you often run into situations where there are multiple people who wish to talk at the same time. It will also allow for hands-free phone calls and voice-activated commands, which means you do not need to take your eyes off the road or your hand off the throttle when answering or making phone calls.

Motorcycle speakers

If you do not like talking through Bluetooth intercoms, then perhaps upgrading your motorcycle audio system might be something that could interest you. Speakers such as these can add more functionality to your audio system without having to invest in something expensive or highly technical.

Phone mount

Having your phone mounted on your motorcycle is extremely beneficial, especially if you’re the type of person who always ends up dropping their phones while they ride because it can be very dangerous. You can either get a simple phone mount that attaches to the windscreen or buy one that adheres directly onto your handlebars which gives you easy access, especially when answering calls on the go. Turns out, this is even more useful than having Bluetooth intercoms installed for some reason; I’m not sure why but there’s definitely some information gap between us riders.

Helmet locks

If you’ve ever had a helmet stolen from where you parked your motorcycle then you’ll definitely appreciate this gadget. They come in different shapes and sizes but the most common types are locks that you simply slide onto your handlebar and twist to lock p when not using it which makes them extremely simple yet also expensive. I’m pretty sure there’s a guy out there somewhere who can break into a locked motorcycle without breaking a sweat but these locks should keep all thieves at bay barring any potential superhero-with-manipulative abilities, of course.

Rearview mirrors with integrated brake lights

If you’re someone who lives in a place where tailgating is illegal then you might want to get yourself some rearview mirrors with brake lights integrated right into them because they make riding much safer, especially during heavy traffic times or coming to a complete stop. These types of mirrors will stay on even when you apply the brakes so that it’s easier to see what’s going on behind you.

10 Motorcycle Gadgets You Must Have