Green Living

hands holding a crystal ball with nature reflection

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Cliché it may be but perhaps this is still the best saying we need to apply to our everyday life to make an improvement. Many people think that they cannot make a change that will matter. The truth is, they can. The change will only be gradual and perhaps it will just take a long time before it can have a bigger effect, but at least you are not anymore a contributor to the negativity that we suffer through on a regular basis. That is one head less. Plus, you are even functioning as a model that can encourage that one head less to be more. Thus, a bigger chunk to the portion that we want to change.

Nowadays, we are already suffering from the adverse effect of the destruction of our natural environment. We can already experience the shift because they are not anymore as subtle as before. If you are aware of it, we are experiencing now climate change. Many places around the world are already suffering from sweltering heat which they are not ready for. The polar caps are melting and more and more animals are losing their habitat. All of these are the cause of the man-made destruction which we unknowingly commit as we go by in our everyday routine.

beautiful green day

You can make a change. That is what we want to reiterate as we create this website especially for you. We are not even a formal organization, just a whole bunch of people who decided to band together to create a change. We do not even have a name for ourselves. But what we do is we encourage people to start an action against this continuous problem we undergo in our nature. Instead of being mum about it and just going with the flow, we hope to wade against it to save it before it is too late. How do we do this? By simply encouraging people to work together – to leave the comfort of their garage door in Lansing, MI and stand together as one.

In Green Friday, we do not want to make things complicated. We do not aim to take away people from their regular routine just so we can make our advocacies happen. What we do is that we ease it to individuals one at the time until it already becomes a habit to them that they are not anymore going to see environmental conservation as a chore. What more is that we make them see the benefits of it to themselves other than just being preachy about the environment itself. That way, they will see this as a way to create a better individual out of themselves aside from creating a better world for everyone.

Here at Green Friday, we call our website as such because we focus all of our activities on Fridays. That being said, we encourage everyone to commit their Fridays into doing something good for the environment. May it be riding a bike instead of your cars to lessen the carbon emission around us or creating something creative out of the trash you have, all of these are activities that we can guide you through. Just stay with us to learn more. Sign up for our newsletter so you will not miss our updates here on our website.